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Esteja.com - the perfect apparel shop for stylish women. Only here will you find beautiful clothing at the very best prices.

It is no surprise that all women want to become dazzling, therefore they spend countless hours, effort and have tremendous expenses when trying to find the perfect clothes. Having understood that, we have decided to help You convert this demanding task into something relaxing and pleasurable.

Our e-shop has been deliberately created in such a way that it would be very easy for You to intuitively browse our items and catalogs with a single click, no matter from which page. We have also attempted to convey our perception of beauty & elegance through the design of the website, thus making Your stay aesthetically pleasing. And most importantly - it is our primary goal for our items to be affordable to each and everyone.

All items on display in our Shop can also be found on our official Facebook page.

Our mission

We base our activities on various virtues which we find to be of great importance when trying to build a community of elegant and beautiful women.


We are professionals of our field, therefore we provide our customers with the newest products of the finest quality.

Customer service

We guarantee pleasing and accurate customer service. Every order is being processed upon receipt of payment confirmation, therefore You will be able to enjoy wearing Your items in just under a few days. During every purchase we provide various forms of customer support. If You have any questions regarding our items or any other matter, please contact us at support@esteja.com or through our Contacts page.


Only at our Shop will You find the best clothing at the most reasonable prices. It is our ultimate goal to build a community of elegant women, therefore we put effort into making our items affordable to each and everyone.


Esteja.com e-commerce activities are based on the individual activities under a business certificate policy.

Individual activity certificate No. 620717.

Contact information

Phone number: +37068923274

Email: support@esteja.com

Have a pleasurable and enjoyable stay!

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